Zeinab Rika

Data Science – Manchester UK

April 4, 2020 By Zeinab Rika

Recreating Gap Minder Animation with Plotly Express

It’s one of the iconic moments of Data Visualisation when Hans Rosling presented the famous Gap minder Animation in his which is one of the most viewed TED talks ever. Since then, It’s been like a benchmark for anyone who does visualisation to replicate it to show their Data Visualisation prowess — much like replicating Edward Tufte’s or Nate Silver’s visualisation pieces.

 Plotly (who’s known for their Interactive Visualisation DSL for R and Python) came up with a new tool/module/library called Plotly Express. As the name suggests, the primary objective of Plotly Express is to be a high-level API that’s insanely simple, fast and easy to use to build Interactive Visualisations.


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