Zeinab Rika

Data Science – Manchester UK


I'm Zeinab and I'm a data scientist and web developer. It was a long journey for me to become a developer because I studied agriculture and then I studied data science. I achieved my Master's in Data Science from the University of Salford. After that, I started working as a data analyst and started teaching myself python. Learning Python helped me realise that I wanted to learn more about software engineering.

So I applied for a graduate apprenticeship, I learned more about cloud and software engineering and AWS could and I achieved my AWS cloud practitioner certification. Also working on the live project and creating a live dashboard to read data from sensors through Raspberry Pi and ESP32 made me realise that I would love to learn more about software engineering. In 2020 I applied for a graduate position and I started working as a .Net developer and built on my knowledge of web development and C#, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and SQL server. Once I was comfortable using the ASP.net Core framework I was inspired to learn more about more recent web frameworks like Django.

Fast forward to 2022, I decided to do freelancing and consultant work mostly related to web development. But I am always keen to learn something new, so I try to push myself every day.

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